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Welcome to the Duck Toolkit NG!

The Duck Toolkit NG is an open source penetration testing platform that allows user to generate HAK5 USB Rubber Ducky payloads for use on Windows, Linux & OSX operating systems.

This website allows you to choose from pre built payloads, create your own payloads and decode existing payloads.

There are over 30 built scripts divided into reconnaissance, exploitation and reporting which can be used or individually or combined allowing you to create the right payload for your requirements.

Be aware that the some scripts may require:
- Administrative Access
- PowerShell 2 +
- Internet Access

Payload Generator

Select from 30 pre built scripts

Create Payload

Payload Encoder

Create and encode your own Ducky scripts

Encode Payload

Payload Decoder

Decode existing Ducky .bin files

Decode Payload

Standalone Tools

A python library to Encode and Decode on your own.