Duck Toolkit Help

In order for any of the scripts from the Payload Generator to work the target computer MUST HAVE administrative access and PowerShell installed.

Selecting Scripts

It is recommended that you pick your scripts carefully and limit the number of scripts you pick to a maximum of 6-8. This is because some scripts can take more time to execute than others and this may lead to the discovery of the USB Ducks presence.

When creating scripts you must follow the script creation rules:

If you fail to follow these rules when creating a script errors messages will be displayed on screen informing you of your mistake.

Inputting Additional Information

Some scripts will require user input in order to function correctly. It is vital that you enter the required information in the same format as that displayed in the text boxes. If you fail to do this the scripts may not execute as expected.

Language Selection

The USB Duck Toolkit currently supports multiple keyboard layouts. To ensure that the created payload executes correctly it is vital you select the correct keyboard layout.

Downloading Script

After generating your script you should see a set of downloads on the right hand column for a txt file containing the duck script and a bin file for use on the Ducky.

Editing Script

Once you generate a payload or decode an inject.bin file you will have the option to edit the ducky script in the encoder page. This feature only works on HTML5 compatable browsers

Running Script

Follow these steps:
- Download the generated inject.bin file
- Copy the file to a microSD card
- Insert the microSD into the USB Rubber Duck
- Insert the USB Rubber Duck into the target system
- When you see the Command Prompt window close you may remove the USB Rubber Ducky